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August 8, 2009


To work online with the designer [Korogodsky] I started (re-open) JANHOY directory:

Right now — images from several sources. My usual show-case structure: scenes, characters, costumes, and etc.

Janhoy pages are in different palces — for producer, director and so on.

Second Lul concept-show (Spring 2010) — Lul-style.

Also, filmplus.org/album — Ethiopian Diaries

font http://him.filmplus.org/ethiopia.html :


… Africa, Africa and Africa

“Ethiopia” as “Africa” is an idea — and remain as such. The real or my Ethiopia must just accompany the dream of Ethiopia. The ideal should not be replaced by the known, but live its own life. And it’s never one or another, but both.

Both should be preserved in their own forms of the dream and the real.

There is plenty of space for both to grow where they belong.

How do they co-exist? They dance.

Never compare one with another — they both is life.

They die without each other.

And this is my definition of death — when one is lost. Life without dream, or dreams without living…
Project Utopia
ethiopia gatepage at HIM (5 August 2009)



June 10, 2009

Where was this webmaster “anatolant”? Only now I understand that “sellassie pages” has three main divisions : Virtual Ethiopia, Diaspora and now — Addis Live.

1. him.filmplus.org [ and other — sellassie.ourfanily.com, angelfire.com/ak/sellassie ] Virtual Ethiopia

2. sellassie.vtheatre.net [2005 — 2009] Diaspora

3. ethio.vtheatre.net [beta.sellassie.vtheatre.net] Addis,ET

At least, from now I will keep it as three (web) waves.

I have to have more STRUCTURE [playwright for the rescue]! More mini (service) pages — “number-pages,” sub-directories and etc.

Simplisity needs complexity!

Of course, I do not touch lul.sellassie.info — not to mess it up with my “working space” attitude.

Anatoly, AK

twitter + ?

May 15, 2009

another toy to try — intensedebate.com/people/anatolant — where is the point of focus?

TODAY 04/21/2009

May 14, 2009

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

idea-concept for this blog : beyond time, history and myself

idea-concept for this blog : beyond time, history and myself

Bye, history!

May 4, 2009

For Anatoly XXI :

I cannot go back to yesterday — and I am to travel to Ethiopia, travel back in (historical) time… It’s  stepping out of history. The time travel is a silly concept. Especially, the return (back to “your” time)!

Without sense of PRESENT the very idea of time has no meaning.

“Ethiopian Times”? Only for Ethiopians in Ethiopia?

Global Time? Century 21 — not for me. I only can think about it, but not live in…

Ethiopian webbing?

April 28, 2009

Not sure.

I struggle with the “fixing” (updating) old pages, too many!

I still making changing in the construction of my webpages [templates], twitter.com/anatoly, for example, or anatoly.live.com.

How will I use it?

I haven’t redirected myself to Ethiopia, not online.

LUL shows:


A Chorus Line


Classics :

Ms. Julie

3 Sisters


Children :


Hello world!

April 26, 2009

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Theatre UAF

Theatre UAF

Blogging for/from Ethiopia…

Question mark?

anatoly.org > anatoly.live.com ?